Hetal Navalbhai Sardhara, a young scholar, applied for a loan scholarship in 2010 for a Diploma in Medical Laboratory Technician (DMLT). When she first approached us for the application form, we found out that she was having trouble speaking so could not express herself properly.

We observed that even though she was speech challenged, she appeared very confident and was eager to study. We approved her application, as we were very impressed with her strong desire and determination to achieve higher education.

In two years she successfully completed her DMLT, and then came to visit us again for a different reason. She handed us a check, her first installment of the loan scholarship refund. We were amazed at her self-confidence and congratulated her on her achievement. Nothing is impossible for students like Hetal Sardhara. If you are committed to your goal, success is yours.

Hetal Sardhara graduated first in her class and is now working with the Red Cross as a Medical Technician.