Anil Fosters Confidence and Independence Through Gardening

Anil Bhai is a Lokmitra serving with ESI, supported by Share & Care, in the village of Waghjipur in Gujarat. Anil is passionate about nutrition, and upon learning about the benefits of natural farming, he decided to engage his community through organic gardening. He encouraged the villagers to start growing their own food by setting an example, growing food in his own kitchen garden. Though the villagers were not convinced of the benefits of farming their own produce at first, they were interested in his garden. Anil began sharing his seeds with a few families that were ready to start their own gardens, and eventually, the entire community started exchanging seeds and working to grow their own fruits and vegetables. Over the past few months, 15 families have become completely sustained by their gardening efforts, enjoying the produce grown, the money saved, and the sense of independence it brings.

Change is hard at first, messy in between, and beautiful at the end.

Anil encouraged families in his village to grow their own fruits and vegetables in organic gardens.