Our Grant Program

As of now, Share & Care is no longer accepting new applications in 2023 or 2024. Only organizations with an existing relationship with Share & Care Signature projects that have been funded since 2021 should apply. Grants are only given to projects in India.

Any organization requesting donor-advised funding from donors located in the United States via Share & Care must email us before making an application. Please do not send funds for donor advisory without approval from us.

If your organization doesn’t fall into these categories and you have any questions, please email us at [email protected].


How to Apply

Grant applicants must submit their entire proposal electronically using Share and Care’s online grant application.

In general, the Share and Care Foundation®, funds programs in education, healthcare, capacity building, integrated development projects and livelihood. “Youth” and “women” sectors are the primary beneficiaries. Share and Care only considers requests that fall within these focused areas.

Conditions for Grants

The beneficiary organization must provide:

  1. Official receipt of the grant in the name of the Share and Care Foundation
  2. Progress reports, photographs, press cuttings, and video, or other such material, for our records and to communicate with donors
  3. Share and Care Foundation’s name prominently displayed on any equipment sent by us.
  4. For cash grants, appropriate recognition, media publicity, and inclusion in annual reports
  5. A copy of the annual report
  6. Audited financial statement
  7. A copy of the Current and Valid Tax Exemption Certificate


The Share and Care Foundation does not provide grants for budget line items labeled as “Operational Expenses,” “Endowments” or for individuals.

Share and Care does not fund Private Family Trust/Foundations, or political or religious activities.

We realize that seeking funding can be time consuming and even frustrating, but Share and Care cannot fund every request. Reviewing proposals ties up valuable time resources, therefore, we urge every applicant to read our Mission and Guidelines carefully.

Selection Criteria

In general, the Share and Care Foundation gives priority to applicants from India, especially from rural areas.

The organization has to have existed for a minimum of one (1) year from the date of registration.

The organization must be registered as a non-profit that implements social development projects in India, with no political or religious affiliations.

The organization’s physical address must be verifiable.

All registration documents such as 80G, FCRA, etc., must be available upon request.

Organizations must have an Executive Board that maintains budgets, annual activity reports, and audited financial statements. These must be available yearly upon request.

The organization must fully comply with local and central government regulations and labor laws.

The organization must have defined indicators that measure its performance against its stated objectives.

Grant applicants must demonstrate the potential of continuing the funded work in a self-renewing manager after Share and Care Foundations funding ceases.

How We Manage Programs

Rationalize the purpose and vision of the Share and Care Foundation through grants-making.

Support research, and compare case studies so proposals are reviewed with enlightened understanding.

Manage, monitor, evaluate, and conduct internal audits to study the outcome of funded projects.

Influence the best practices by bringing out effective cost/benefit ratios, outcome analysis and other success stories of similar projects.

“Youth” and “women” sectors are the primary beneficiaries.