Single Scholarship Empowers Varsha’s Entire Family

As a child, Varsha Baraiya loved music, painting, henna art, and cooking. She was a fantastic student, and she loved helping her siblings study and succeed in school, too. She aspired to become a doctor, and her hard work in school paid off, earning her a place in the K.J. Mehta General Hospital and College of Medical Sciences in Gujarat. Despite her successful admission to the college, Varsha and her family were concerned about expenses. Varsha’s parents were poor farm workers, earning far too little to pay for her medical education, but they were diligent in searching for a way to send her. Varsha learned about the Educate 2 Graduate scholarship program and Sister Nivedita Foundation from a friend, and she excitedly applied. Her application was accepted, and she completed her degree. She now earns a comfortable salary of Rs. 57,000 per month, six times more than her father ever earned. However, Varsha spends most of her money helping her family pay off their debts, and she is supporting her siblings financially as they complete their own schooling.

Varsha Baraiya is able to support her family on the salary she now earns as a medical officer.