Women Empowerment

Saroj Is Making an Impact in Her Community

Saroj Gurjar is a 21-year-old woman from a rural area of Rajasthan. Her family of seven is supported only by her father’s farm work, and their financial needs often go unmet. Saroj has been interested in creative activities since childhood, and she learned about the Grameen Vikas Shodh Evam Takniki Kendra (GVSTK) program, supported by Share & Care, in November of 2021. Read more

Upasi Learns How to Increase Farm Yields and Boost Income

Upasi Devi, currently living in the Singhpur village of Uttar Pradesh, wanted to attend school when she was younger. However, due to family circumstances, she was unable to and was married at 12 years old to Akhileshwar Mahto. She worked with Akhileshwar in agriculture, but after they had four children, their financial situation became strained. Read more

Juguntara Becomes Self-Sufficient and Achieves Her Dreams

Juguntara is the eldest of three children in her family living in Azamgarh in Uttar Pradesh. Her father left when she was in 10th grade. With the help of her uncles, she was able to complete her intermediate studies, but since it was her responsibility to manage the household expenses, there was no hope for schooling beyond that. Read more

Neelu Receives Holistic Support to Assist Her Family

Neelu Prajapati is the eldest daughter in a family of six living in Azamgarh in Uttar Pradesh. Her family farms on a small plot of land in the Mijwan village. When COVID-19 struck, her father, who worked in construction in Dubai stopped earning money, and at the same time, her mother was diagnosed with a serious illness, requiring costly tests and an urgent operation. Read more