Lubna is Empowered to Become a Confident Leader

Lubna Qazi, from Srinagar in Kashmir, was a shy college student lacking confidence. She courageously enrolled in the Saamarthya Leadership Misaal Program, supported by Share & Care and Oasis. Each day, Lubna was able to do something new that helped build her confidence and overcome mental barriers she had in place. Through the program, she was offered the opportunity to volunteer to conduct the programs’ classes at a boys’ school and an orphanage. While she was initially reluctant to step out of her comfort zone and volunteer in new and unfamiliar places, especially ones that were so far from her home and family, Lubna persevered. She continues to give back and participate in Oasis’ programs, becoming a regional leader in her city and helping other youth develop their leadership skills. She credits Share & Care and Oasis for helping her become a stronger, braver, more independent person.

“I was shy and introverted earlier, but now I could feel that huge confidence, that new-born courage in myself.”
— Lubna Qazi, Share & Care Women Empowerment Program Beneficiary

Lubna Qazi was able to grow her confidence and now helps other students develop their leadership skills.