Kailash Obtains Life-Changing Vocational Training and Support

When Kailash Gajjar lost her husband to a heart attack, she wondered how she would take care of her family on her own: “I was worried as to how I was to live my life with two kids.”

Kailash was identified by the team in Gujarat, supported by Share & Care and SMECT, as a candidate for the project’s vocational and empowerment training. She opted to enroll in the 12-week catering training program, and upon completion, she received her own catering equipment free of charge. Kailash began her own catering business and now earns around Rs. 25,000 monthly, enough to provide for her family and educate her children. Plus, she now provides job opportunities for other women in her community to earn a living.

“I am grateful to Share & Care Foundation and SMECT for supporting me to become self-reliant and be able to change my life.”
—Kailash Gajjar, Share & Care Women Empowerment Program Beneficiary

Kailash Gajjar received the support and training needed to open her own catering business, where she is now able to hires others in her community.