Manjulaben Pools Savings to Increase Her Livelihood

Manjulaben Nareshbhai Pujara earns a living in Gujarat through animal husbandry. She is a founding member of the Shrinayth Mahila Bachat Mandal (savings group), which was formed in 2012 in association with the Anjali Society for Rural Health and Development, supported by Share & Care. These groups allow members to take loans out of the shared savings in order to start or improve their businesses. Manjulaben has taken (and repaid) loans from the group many times to buy buffaloes and cows to increase her income. She currently has 18 animals, and the financial support from the savings group has helped her construct stables and take excellent care of her animals. Manjulaben is financially independent, netting Rs. 10,000 per month in profits, and is able to meet her needs through her hard work and dedication.

Manjulaben participated in a savings club that has allowed her to increase her income and grow her business.