Annapurna Discovers Her Passion for Dance and Thrives

Annapurna Parmar lives in the lepers’ community on the remote outskirts of Ahmedabad in Gujarat. Her father died of leprosy a few years ago, her mother and grandmother are beggars, and her brother sells goats to support them. Annapurna struggled in school due to instability in her home life, eventually dropping out in 10th grade; however, she was exposed to the arts through the Loving Community Center, the arts community established near her home. There, she learned to love dance and was discovered by ashram volunteer and musician, Nimo. He mentored her in the arts and encouraged her to resume her education. 

Annapurna re-joined the 9th grade class at Ashram Vinay Mandir School, supported by Share & Care and the Sabarmati Ashram Project. There she strengthened her educational foundation and successfully passed grades 9 through 11, while also excelling in dance. She had the opportunity to travel across the globe, performing in front of thousands of people as part of Jai Jagat Tour. Annapurna is now in 12th grade and is excelling academically and eagerly awaiting the opportunities available to her. She hopes to attend college next year and looks forward to her bright future and chance at a better life. 

“The ashram has given me a second lease on life. I enjoy dancing and love my hostel life. Even during holidays, I wish to stay here instead of going home. This place will always be my real home.”
— Annapurna Parmar, Share & Care Women Empowerment Program Beneficiary

Annapurna Parmar was able to overcome all obstacles and restart her life with mentorship and support.