Educate 2 Success

Mayuri Is Given the Chance to Excel and Thrive

Mayuri Kaushik Kumar Rawal is a bright, ambitious 8th-grade student in Mumbai. Her father is the sole earner for her family of six, and as a florist making just Rs. 36,000 per year, he struggles to cover basic living expenses, leaving no room in the family’s budget for school fees. Read more

Gayatri Has Hope for a Bright Future

Gayatri Shinde is a 9th-grader who lives with her parents in a rented room in the Asalpha village in Mumbai. She is a sincere and hardworking young girl who loves to dance and excels academically. Two years ago, her father, the sole earner of the family, lost his job, and the family has struggled financially since. Read more

Ankita Rises Above Circumstances to Become a Police Constable

Ankita Baburao Waghmare is one of four daughters born into a tribal community in the Washim District of Maharashtra. Though her home life was not conducive to education, Ankita was an academically excellent student. With support from Share & Care, LOLT has helped Ankita develop her confidence level, communication skills, and career-oriented mindset. Read more