Giving Pooja the Peace and Stability to Focus on Her Studies

Pooja Chandu Rathod, a brilliant 8th-grade student with aspirations to become a teacher, lives in a cramped single room with six other family members. Her father is a painter and cannot work during the monsoon season, and Pooja’s mother left when she was very young. Her family lives far below the poverty line, and her father struggles to provide for the large family on his sole income. Through the SPRJ Kanyashala Trust, Pooja was able to receive a scholarship from Share & Care, allowing her to thrive academically and participate in all her school activities. Her tuition, uniform, workbooks, stationery items, bus fees, sports equipment, and technology costs are completely covered, relieving her father of this financial burden. Through this help, Pooja is able to fully participate in her education, free from worry.

Pooja, pictured with three of her seven family members, hopes to become a teacher one day. The scholarship she received from Share & Care allows her to pursue this goal, free from financial burden.