Ankita Rises Above Circumstances to Become a Police Constable

Ankita Baburao Waghmare is one of four daughters born into a tribal community in the Washim District of Maharashtra. Though her home life was not conducive to education, Ankita was an academically excellent student. With support from Share & Care, LOLT has helped Ankita develop her confidence level, communication skills, and career-oriented mindset. Program leaders advocated on her behalf to convince her parents to send her to Amravati City for higher education, where she continued to excel and began preparing for the police recruitment exam. In December 2021, Ankita was appointed as Ladies Police Constable with the Pune Police Department, earning Rs. 25,000 per month, and she is currently working there as well as completing her degree. Her hard work, drive, and will to overcome all obstacles in her way are truly inspiring.

“With support from the Share & Care Foundation, I was able to develop my personality and get exposure through various activities. I am eternally grateful to be a part of the SCF family.”
— Ankita Waghmare, Share & Care Educate 2 Success Program Beneficiary

Ankita Waghmare was given the support to overcome life’s obstacles to become a police constable while completing her education.