Sarvesh Forges a Path to Success in the Engineering Field

Born in the remote Walke village of Maharashtra, Sarvesh Janardan Mhatre saw many of his peers drop out of school, face addiction, and struggle to earn a living wage. With support from Share & Care, Light of Life Trust (LOLT) ensured that Sarvesh had access to the resources he needed to complete his secondary schooling and make a plan for his future. The career guidance program and counseling sessions helped him build his confidence and choose a career in engineering. With financial support provided, Sarvesh was able to attend college and complete his degree with excellent marks. He is now working as a Junior Officer for the prestigious Godrej Private Ltd. in Mumbai, earning Rs. 29,000 monthly and reaching his goals and setting new ones each day.

“Share & Care Foundation and LOLT have given me a new path to live a prosperous and meaningful life. The confidence, motivation, guidance, and sense of purpose to achieve my goal is all because of this opportunity.”
— Sarvesh Mhatre, Share & Care Educate 2 Success Program Beneficiary

Sarvesh Mhatre received the support needed to jumpstart a career in engineering.