Educate 2 Graduate

Patel and His Family Rise Above Adversity

Patel Kuldeep Jashubhai, from Mehsana, finished his secondary course of study with high grades, and through Educate 2 Graduate funding administered through the Higher Education Support Trust (HEST), he was able to successfully complete his education in Information and Communication Technology. Read more

Umang Builds an Award-Winning Electric Bicycle

Umang Marsonia is a brilliant recipient of an Educate 2 Graduate scholarship, distributed through the Sister Nivedita Foundation in Rajkot. Umang had a keen interest in electrical engineering, hoping to work in the field one day, but the fees for his education were too high for his parents to afford without help. Read more

Single Scholarship Empowers Varsha’s Entire Family

As a child, Varsha Baraiya loved music, painting, henna art, and cooking. She was a fantastic student, and she loved helping her siblings study and succeed in school, too. She aspired to become a doctor, and her hard work in school paid off, earning her a place in the K.J. Mehta General Hospital and College of Medical Sciences in Gujarat. Read more