Manju Creates a Ripple Effect Throughout Her Community

Manju is a nurse at Sree Balaji Medical College and hospital in Channai who works tirelessly to help vulnerable patients get the care they need. Her father is an agricultural farmer, earning just Rs. 6,000 per month, so growing up, Manju struggled to afford books and other items required for school. There was little hope that she would be able to pursue higher education until she learned of the Educate 2 Graduate scholarships, funded by Share & Care and administered by Kalanjiyam. The kindness and support she received later inspired her during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Manju was part of the first line of defense when the pandemic struck, caring for children in the pediatric ward. She felt helpless when she saw children dying because their parents could not afford to send them elsewhere for more advanced treatment. Manju reflected on the training and support she received through the E2G program, and she decided to apply that model and do her best to help these families. She found various financial trusts and connected them with the parents of sick children. Her work saved many young lives. The scholarship Manju received not only financially supported her throughout nursing school, but also gave her the motivation and skills to create an impact in her community.

Manju applied the E2G support model in her nursing practice, saving lives and helping children.