Suraj Begins a New Tradition of Giving Back

Suraj Gohel, born to a tailor and a housewife, lives in Jivapar, a small village of Rajkot district in Gujarat. He showed academic promise and a hardworking spirit from an early age. Suraj completed the exams at the end of secondary school with excellent grades, securing his admission to the prestigious Institute of Rural Management in Anand. He received an Educate 2 Graduate scholarship through the Sister Nivedita Foundation (SNF), which operates out of Rajkot, allowing him to earn his Master’s in Business Administration. He is now working at Vistaar Finance, earning an annual salary of Rs. 1 million, breaking himself and his family free from the cycle of poverty. While Suraj greatly appreciates the financial support he received during his education, he says that he is most grateful to have learned of the importance of charitable giving. He now plans to donate in perpetuity to help deserving students achieve their dreams, just as he was helped to achieve his. 

Suraj Gohel earned an MBA with the support of an E2G scholarship.