Patel and His Family Rise Above Adversity

Patel Kuldeep Jashubhai, from Mehsana, finished his secondary course of study with high grades, and through Educate 2 Graduate funding administered through the Higher Education Support Trust (HEST), he was able to successfully complete his education in Information and Communication Technology. His father had separated from the family and his mother did not work, so the family’s income was just Rs. 12,000 per year, provided by his sister. An example of a student rising up from the poorest segment of society, after graduating in 2017, Patel secured a job with Amazon, initially earning Rs. 2.7 million. After 4 years there, he began working with Google, earning an annual salary of Rs. 10 million.

Patel now earns an annual salary of Rs. 10 million working at Google.