Umang Builds an Award-Winning Electric Bicycle

Umang Marsonia is a brilliant recipient of an Educate 2 Graduate scholarship, distributed through the Sister Nivedita Foundation in Rajkot. Umang had a keen interest in electrical engineering, hoping to work in the field one day, but the fees for his education were too high for his parents to afford without help. With an E2G scholarship of Rs. 40,000 annually, he was able to complete his bachelor’s degree in technology earlier this year from V.V.P. Engineering College in Pune.

During his time there, Umang excelled in his studies, and under the direction of a few of his main professors, he designed and built an electric bicycle that could carry up to 375 pounds for almost 40 miles on a single charge. Umang received recognition for his e-cycle at the “E-Mobility: An Approach to Green Energy” conference hosted by the Devang Mehta Foundation. Despite fierce competition from his peers, his project won the first-place prize of Rs. 100,000. Umang’s work will make transportation more affordable and environmentally friendly, causing an immeasurable ripple effect.

Umang is currently working as an automotive engineer for KPIT Engineering in Pune. He reflects on the support he received from Share & Care and SNF often and credits them with his success. He plans to give back to the program, helping other deserving students achieve their dreams.

Umang Marsonia won a competition for his electronic bicycle built during his time as an E2G scholar.