Rohini and Amardeep Nurture an Early Interest in Technology

Roshini Prakash Yedke and her little brother, Amardeep, live in Padale in Maharashtra. During the COVID-19 pandemic, Rohini was taking online courses through a Digital Training Resource Center run by Y4D Foundation, supported by Share & Care. During a virtual class, Rohini was asked by her teacher to turn on her camera. When she did, her teacher saw her little brother sitting at her side, fascinated by the computer. When asked about it, Roshini said that he was eager to learn about computers and became curious while attending class with her. Though Amardeep was not in her class or even part of her school, he was allowed to attend sessions and learn more about technology. Amardeep is continuing to build his interest and knowledge, growing in his curiosity each day!

Rohini and Amardeep were given the opportunity to nurture Amardeep’s early interest in technology.