Neelu Receives Holistic Support to Assist Her Family

Neelu Prajapati is the eldest daughter in a family of six living in Azamgarh in Uttar Pradesh. Her family farms on a small plot of land in the Mijwan village. When COVID-19 struck, her father, who worked in construction in Dubai stopped earning money, and at the same time, her mother was diagnosed with a serious illness, requiring costly tests and an urgent operation. Neelu had previously joined the embroidery training program at the Mijwan Welfare Society (MWS), supported by Share & Care. When faced with these difficult family circumstances, Neelu realized that she needed to take charge of the family, especially their income. Through the program, she was able to receive the mental, social, and financial support she needed to become the backbone of her family. She was offered a large embroidery order to help boost the family’s income. Additionally, she received support as she took over her mother’s office position to earn more money and safeguard her mother’s position for when she recovered. With this support, she has been able to earn Rs. 25,000 in two months to aid her parents and siblings.

Neelu Prajapati was trained in embroidery and was able to support her family and keep them afloat during a difficult period.