Juguntara Becomes Self-Sufficient and Achieves Her Dreams

Juguntara is the eldest of three children in her family living in Azamgarh in Uttar Pradesh. Her father left when she was in 10th grade. With the help of her uncles, she was able to complete her intermediate studies, but since it was her responsibility to manage the household expenses, there was no hope for schooling beyond that. In her village, many girls were learning embroidery skills from MWS, supported by Share & Care. Juguntara joined the center in hopes that it could help her earn an income for her family. She began learning, and eventually, she mastered the intricate designs. Her success and desire to help other students allowed her to become a trainer in the center, and she is now earning a comfortable salary, able to support her mother and siblings. Her financial independence also allowed her to complete her education and earn a computer diploma. Her mother and siblings are so proud, and she is well-respected as an embroidery trainer in her community.

“I got this job as a trainer right after joining the organization as a trainee. From that day onwards, I never had to ask or beg anything from anybody. Now even my brother has started earning after completing his studies.”
— Juguntara, Share & Care Women Empowerment Beneficiary

Juguntara’s talents allowed her to become a trainer and give back to the training program that once taught her.