Nauka Empowers Other Women to Realize Their Potential

Women in rural India are often relegated to strict gender roles, limiting their ability to use their talents and enjoy independence. Nauka Ben is a Lokmitra serving with ESI, supported by Share & Care, in the Kada village of Gujarat. She saw the untapped potential of the women in her community, and she devised a plan to carve out a path of independence for them. Nauka organized a training program to teach women to make khakhras, a type of thin cracker common to Gujarati cuisine. Around 30 women participated in the training, learning to make the best quality khakhras while also learning how to grow their businesses and manage their finances. Within 30 days, the women were able to generate sales of Rs. 7,000-8,000. This training, supported by Share & Care and facilitated by Nauka, helped these women realize their potential and become more financially independent.

Women are the largest untapped reservoir of talent in the world.

Women from the Kada village participated in khakhra-making training, led by Nauka, a Lokmitra who saw their untapped potential.