A Healthcare to Unreached Journey

The Share & Care Foundation, along with our Healthcare to Unreached Signature Program local partners, continue the fight toward reversing the healthcare challenges facing today’s marginalized poor.  Our focus is and has always been on prevention. We do this by supporting programs that are repeatable — that is, they have been created (and documented) with … Read more

38th Annual Gala Raises Over Half a Million Dollars in Funds and Is Viewed by 550+ Virtual Attendees

The theme of our 38th Annual Gala (“Rising Together”) recognized the changes and challenges presented by the pandemic and honored the bonds of humanity and hope that connect communities around the world. The entertainment, which included over two and a half hours of Bollywood-inspired musical performances, was curated by well-known singer and composer Parthiv Gohil … Read more

Real Change Comes From Within

How one person can transform an entire community Bhupat While preparing for the transition away from mandatory COVID-19 lockdowns and travel bans, Lilapur (Ahmedabad district, Gujarat) resident Bhupat began to worry about the livelihoods of hundreds of his fellow villagers. With more than 1,660 COVID-19 deaths reported so far in Gujarat (third highest behind Maharashtra … Read more

From Homemaker to Heroine

Village: Amnari Block: Tatijharia District: Hazaribag State: Jharkhand Our story starts when our partner NGO, Pradan, addressed the issue of persistent poverty for Amnari village goat farmers and their families, in spite of the area’s ideal conditions for raising goats. Upon investigation, they found farmers were purchasing goats to replace the approximately 100 goats that … Read more

COVID-19 in Rural India: Who Will Help the Vulnerable?

In March, Prime Minister Narendra Modi ordered a lockdown for India’s 1.3 billion population, making it the world’s largest COVID-19 lockdown. Though the original lockdown order was for 21 days, it has been extended twice (so far) as the disease persists. As of Mother’s Day, India will be on day 47 of the lockdown. Unfortunately, … Read more

A Witness to Empowerment

While some of the women we serve are aware of their potential and only need an opportunity, most need to not only be taught what their rights are, they need to grow to believe in themselves. Believing that gender equity is your right isn’t easy when you’ve been told your entire life that you need … Read more

Learning Is Not on Lockdown: E2S Programs Continue During COVID-19

E2S/NBG Experiential Learning for Village Schoolchildren 4,050 STUDENTS 9 SCHOOLS 450 STUDENTS PER SCHOOL $2.50 COST PER SCHOOL $1.10 COST PER STUDENT 500 KITS 20 TEACHERS Editor’s Note: In this article, we refer to classrooms and labs for students involved in the experiential learning program we’re working on with our NGO partner Gujarat Vidyapith. While … Read more

COVID-19 Disaster Relief Phase 1 & 2 Update: Rehabilitation & Relief

Disaster Relief Update 6/16/2020 We have launched Phase 2 of our COVID-19 disaster relief efforts. For this second phase (Rehabilitation & Relief), we have allocated an initial $100,000 to provide ongoing aid for those who have been affected by, or are on the frontlines battling, the virus. We encourage donors to continue supporting these critical … Read more

Responding to COVID-19: A Letter From Our President

Dear Share & Care members and supporters: An unprecedented global emergency, COVID-19 has created turbulence for people around the world, challenging the health and livelihoods of individuals from all walks of life. It will be a huge challenge to come out of this disaster and rebuild, and it will take more than government efforts to … Read more