Responding to COVID-19: A Letter From Our President

Dear Share & Care members and supporters:

An unprecedented global emergency, COVID-19 has created turbulence for people around the world, challenging the health and livelihoods of individuals from all walks of life.

It will be a huge challenge to come out of this disaster and rebuild, and it will take more than government efforts to meet the challenges arising from this catastrophe.

At Share & Care, we have spent more than 37 years helping people in need, and have provided lifesaving relief for over 15 major disasters. In response to this current emergency, Share & Care has allocated $100,000 to help those affected. It is important to note, however, that this pandemic tests the limits of our mental and financial capacity. There is no denying that enormous resources and joint efforts — from governments, corporations, charities, and individuals — will be required to overcome this tragedy.

But we know that by working together, we will overcome.

In the meantime, please stay safe, practice social distancing, and follow all guidelines issued by CDC and health officials.

Sharad Shah
President, Share & Care Foundation