Our Goals for 2020: Creating Opportunities for 94,920 People

There are far, far better things ahead than any we leave behind.

Who We Serve

  • The widow with no means or education to provide for her family.
  • The young girl living with sexual abuse as part of a traditional and still-tolerated patriarchal structure.
  • The teen hungry for knowledge but forced into manual labor because his family knows no other path.
  • The newborn at high risk of dying before her fifth birthday because of who she is and where she was were born.
  • Entire villages living with cultural norms that promote inequality.
  • Entire families at risk of disability or death from treatable diseases due to poverty, malnutrition, and poor sanitation.

It’s 2020. A perfect number—a perfect time—for recognizing all we’ve achieved since our founding in 1982. But we decided that it’s an even better time to look and move forward. After all, that’s why Share & Care Foundation exists: to create opportunities. 

It will be a lot of work, but it will be worth it. Here’s the plan:

  • Help 94,920 People

Plus maintain and/or establish:

  • 20 NGO Partnerships
  • 20 U.S./Canadian Partnerships
  • 20 Motivated Next-Generation Leaders

Help 94,920 People 

It’s a big number, but based on our work so far partnering with long-time supporters, fostering new friends and alliances (more about this later!), and working closely with motivated, dedicated NGOs, we believe it’s possible. 

Here’s the breakdown of who makes up the 94,920 people, and how we hope to help them bring change to their lives. As you read each of these, take a moment to note your emotional or physical response—and consider emailing your thoughts to us at [email protected]. (We’d love to hear your responses, and we may even choose yours to be featured in an upcoming blog post.)

6,000 Confident, Smartly Dressed Women

Our ongoing sari collection drive takes in quality saris and matching blouses and distributes them across 10 sari banks in Gujarat, with a goal of taking in 2,020 this year. Women unable to afford them may borrow saris for events they may not otherwise be able to attend. The benefits from such a simple action can be life-changing: Increased self-confidence—vital to overall well-being—can mean a more successful job interview. Being able to attend weddings and other functions means more social interaction, community involvement, and even opportunities. 

150 New Opportunities for a College Education

Over the past dozen years, close to 2,000 brilliant young scholars have entered our Educate 2 Graduate program and are at various stages toward or have already earned degrees. Employed graduates are on average earning nearly seven times the annual income of their families. 

5,000 Interventions to Stay in School

Through our Educate 2 Success program, impoverished and often neglected or abused children under age 13 receive the support and tools they need to complete their secondary education—and develop a lifelong passion for learning and personal success.

20,200 Basic Healthcare Recipients

Our Healthcare 2 Unreached program provides women, children, and men living in remote, tribal areas of India—with little or no access to basic healthcare—receive basic medical and antenatal care, nutritional guidance, and the education they need for their and their families ongoing personal care. The reduction in infant mortality as a result of our work has been particularly impactful.

20,200 Empowered Women and Children

Our various female empowerment programs deliver help to those most in need: women and girls suffering a multitude of injustices and violence at all stages of life simply because they were born female. Programs include self-help groups, peer mentoring, livelihood training, sexual abuse prevention, and personal finance training.

20,200 Villagers United in Uplifting Their Communities

We are committed to helping villages and their citizens—through our Nirmal Village Program—break free from the patriarchal conforms inherent in traditional village society. This year, 12 “friends of the people,” known as lokmitras, will be placed in 12 villages in Gujarat. Their role is to bring awareness and offer solutions for issues affecting the entire community (e.g., sanitation, addiction, schools, infrastructure), and to serve as a liaison between the village and government, with the goal of modernizing both mindsets and the village itself.

600 Joint Program Recipients

When we invest in a program, we ensure that we’re not only helping with the most immediate needs, but also providing the education, tools, and resources to continue succeeding on their own. Empowering individuals and villages with access to basic healthcare + education + gender equality is at the core of everything we do.

150 Health Checks for Local Tri-State Community

Headquartered in New Jersey, Share & Care is invested in our local tri-state community (New Jersey/New York/Connecticut) and is targeting 150 recipients to receive health services they might not otherwise be able to afford during this year’s 2020 Health Fair.

20,200 Individuals Through Donor Advisory Projects

We work with corporations, private trusts, and individuals to assist them in selecting projects and facilitating compliance and other guidelines so their dollars can go further and help those most in need.

2,020 Disaster Relief Recipients

Based on close to 40 years of disaster response experience, Share & Care undertakes immediate and long-term response programs to reach out to affected communities when disasters such as floods, earthquakes, and drought strikes. 

200 Humanitarian Project Recipients

As part of our ongoing work, we actively identify and act on emerging needs for in-kind work—supplying clothing, medical equipment, counseling, and more—throughout the year. 

20 NGO Partnerships

Maintain, nurture, and develop important NGO partnerships to efficiently—and passionately—carry out our work today and for years to come.

20 U.S./Canadian Partnerships

Unite with 20 reputable partner organizations across the U.S. and Canada who share our vision to help build increased awareness of our work toward ending the injustices occurring every day across India.

20 Motivated Next-Generation Leaders

The world changes every day—often for the better. But while our deepest wish is that our work will someday become unnecessary, sadly, there will always be people who need and deserve help from those better off than themselves—people who are told they’re not trying hard enough, not giving it their best, or they must not want it bad enough. Or worse, they are unacknowledged, nameless, marginalized.

We are committed to the people we serve, and our steadfast, unwavering determination drives us and our goals for the new year, the new decade, and the new generations—Gen Xers, Millennials, and Centennials—that lies ahead.

Listen up Centennials, Millennials, and Gen Xers!

Some of us—members, volunteers, donors, board members, consultants, officers, friends, family—have been a part of Share & Care since the beginning. Many more have been involved for 30, 20, 10 years. And while most of us have no intention of retiring any time soon, that day will inevitably come for us all. Together we can build a multi-generational force for good. 

If you believe we are all born free and equalJOIN US.

If you believe in the equal and inalienable rights of all members of the human family as the foundation of freedom, justice, and peace in the worldJOIN US.

If you believe and want to participate—or if you simply want to make a comment or tell us how you think we’re doing—we’d love to hear from you. 


Thank You for Reading This Far

Over the coming year we will be reporting on our progress toward the goals laid out here. We hope you’ll join us to celebrate the successes and triumphs of the thousands and thousands of people at the heart of our plans and goals. 

The people we serve are worth the hard work. Let’s work together.