Donor Advised (DA) Funds

The Share and Care Foundation® team helps you find project/s defined by you: We work with corporations, private trusts and high net worth individuals and engage them in helping to select the projects to enhance the impact of their strategic philanthropic vision. Our partners represent a broad range of organizations and individuals who support and, in most cases, encourage employees and other constituents supporting Share and Care’s mission.

How do I choose a project? Many people choose projects in places where they have traveled or where there is an issue they care about. Share and Care allows you to browse through a wide range of geographic areas and causes such as health, education, and women-related issues, among others, located in various parts of India.

How do you select a non-governmental organization partner? It is our policy to select projects that have vetted for eligibility and undergo compliance checks to ensure that the projects are for a legitimate charitable cause that falls within our defined focus area. Share and Care works with experienced and respected charitable organizations to provide good quality, cost effective and sustainable development projects. We regularly visit them, receive progress reports, monitor and evaluate for the impact results.

You wish to sponsor a project in India: Donor Advised Projects

  • Share and Care facilitates sponsoring project of your choice provided the recipient organization and you comply with the guidelines and procedures established by the Foundation.
  • It is expected that the donor and the recipient organization will agree to abide by the rules for the full life of the project before the donation is cashed in.
  • Your sponsored NGO in India needs to fill up all the forms required by SCF. If your project does not fall within our guidelines or focused area, please email: [email protected]
  • It would help us to understand your project and grant request if you enlighten us with the following information along with the application forms:
    • When and how did your organization start?
    • What is the motivation and need for this project?
    • What are the goals of the entire project?
    • What is the basic philosophy or idea of the project?
    • Details of the project implementation plan.
    • Timeline and different stages of development.
    • Details of who is going to benefit from the project.
    • Do you have a plan to evaluate the effect of this project?
    • How is this project going to be followed once it is complete?

In addition to the above please note:

  • Check will be deposited only after the approval of the grant.
  • Once the check is deposited, it cannot be refunded. For any reason, if the project cannot go forward, or the non-governmental organization cannot comply with Share and Care Foundation’s conditions or requirements, the donor will have the option to select another project.
  • Share and Care’s administrative process and due diligence of the recipient organization takes considerable time, approximately two months. Good planning and meticulous submission of all documents will help to accelerate the process.
  • Grants over $25,000 will be sent in installments in consultation with the donor.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Can I support the project of my choice?
A: Yes.

Q: Does SCF charge a fee?
A: Yes, as of March 1, 2011, a fee will be assessed. A 4% of your total donation will be accepted as your contribution to the Share and Care Foundation for administrative expenses in evaluating and ascertaining compliance for IRS and Homeland Security purposes. You will have the peace of mind that Share and Care takes care of all compliance issues. Additional fees may be assessed for optional service such as management and monitoring of a project.

Q: Is there a minimum donation?
A: Though every donation can make a difference, for efficiency and scale of economics, we prefer a $5,000 minimum.

Q: Can I make my donation a gift?
A: Yes. Any project can easily be turned into a gift. We will send your designated recipient a personalized card with information on the project and a customized message from you.

For More Information

Please email [email protected] or call 201-262-7599

Share and Care works with experienced and respected charitable organizations to provide good quality, cost effective and sustainable development projects.