Whole Family Benefits From Mobile Medical Clinic Care

Mercy Kom, 58, resides in Kharam Thadoi, a remote village in Manipur. She suffered from diabetes and hypertension, and due to the lack of healthcare infrastructure in her village, she had received no treatment for these issues. The Rural Health Organization Mobile Medical Clinic, funded by Share & Care, began helping Mercy in December 2019. She began attending regular clinic visits and taking medication, provided to her free of cost. She also benefited from nutritional, exercise, and stress management advice, helping her bring her blood glucose and blood pressure levels back into a healthy range. Her daughter-in-law, Jangneirose, has also received vital care from this project during her pregnancy. She benefited from free prenatal checkups and immunizations, helping her deliver a healthy baby. Mercy, Jagneirose, and the newest member of the family continue to receive preventative care to help them live whole, healthy lives.

Mercy with her daughter-in-law and grandchild, all of whom receive care from the Rural Health Organization Mobile Medical Clinic.