Transform Lives Forever


Thank you for making Share and Care Foundation your choice of philanthropy.

Many of you also contributed precious time and talent by helping organize fundraising events, helping us network with other potential donors, and spreading the message by word of mouth and social media. Your giving has real and measurable impact on the lives of many disadvantaged children and women.

Our endeavors are not even a drop in the ocean. We can never ever afford to feel discouraged or rest on our laurels, as long as basic necessities like finishing high school or having safe and sanitary toilets remain beyond the reach of millions of families, even today in 2015. Finding more champions like you is the only solution.

Let us work hard in 2015 to convince many more new donors to experience the joy of giving through Share and Care as you have. Expect to hear from us. Even better, be impatient and call us with questions or suggestions, or just to say hello! Hearing from you will boost our efforts in delivering sustainable opportunities, not charity.

Once again, thanks for being who you are. We deeply appreciate your generosity.

We look forward to working together in making 2015 the year of outreach.

The Share and Care Team