Shreya Mehta Shines at Share and Care’s Art Auction for Charity

New York-based artist Shreya Mehta sold over 90% of her artworks exhibited at Share and Care Foundation’s first art auction event held in at Studio Arte in New York City, October 6, 2013. Shreya’s unique talent generated over US $25,000 for the foundation’s healthcare initiative, (H2U) Healthcare to Unreached.

The auction was in two parts—a silent auction in the afternoon followed by a live auction hosted by comedian Anish Shah later in the evening—and was attended by a large number of people from South Asian communities as well as some from other parts of the world.

Shreya featured several of her earlier works as well as a Limited Edition “Women Behind the Veil” series. While all the paintings were well received, the most popular were “Women behind the Veil Edition 8 & 9” and the “Padma.”

When asked what was the inspiration for her collection, Shreya responded, “We women are all covered by a veil. Be it one you see or one you don’t see. Who are we behind the veil? Who are we? What is our identity? Mother, daughter, wife, mistress, symbol of honor, a paragon of virtue . . . This lady is a symbol of beauty, beauty defined as strength . . . The strength to empower others and inspire miracles.”

Speaking about the auction, Arun Bhansali, President, Share and Care Foundation, commented, “We acknowledge and applaud all the artistes, their time, talent and creativity for a cause. Shreya Mehta turned out to be a brilliant star among all the stars. She was a sold out sensation. Share and Care is very proud of her support and warmth.”

In 2012 Shreya launched her own independent initiative, “Art for a Cause,” and has raised funds for various health-related and social projects through the sale of her paintings. For more on Shreya, please visit