Share & Care Celebrates Its 34th Anniversary

The Share & Care Foundation, an organization helping transform the lives of marginalized people in India, is a testament to the power of a few dedicated people with big ideas.

What started in 1982 as a simple, practical charity—which shipped good quality, used supplies from the U.S. to hospitals in India—has become a widely reputable and influential nonprofit. Now in its 34th year, Share & Care revolves around five Signature Programs, each of which addresses a different vital issue: women empowerment, education for at-risk students, college funding, sanitation, and healthcare.

To accomplish our mission of providing holistic, comprehensive help to as many individuals as possible, Share & Care works closely with multiple local NGOs in India. “On a yearly basis, we work with 15 to 20 NGOs,” says Founding Member Arun Bhansali. “However, we have partnered with more than 500 local NGOs over the past 34 years.”

To date, Share & Care has helped tens of thousands of marginalized and economically challenged people in India. Arun credits these successes to the group’s transparent, grassroots approach. “Share & Care’s strength lies in the dedication of our volunteers, who are professionals from diverse fields and have knowledge of local customs and issues. The office staff consists of one full-time and two part-time employees [to keep costs low]. People admire our volunteer contribution.”

In the years to come, Arun hopes to transition from community-based to corporate-based fundraising and to develop even better criteria for impact measurement. He’d also like to focus more on gender equity and gender equality issues and, as always, ensure that Share & Care sees the best returns for its investments.

Founding Member Dr. Kanan Patrawalla, who sits on the Board of Trustees and the Women Empowerment Committee, shares Arun’s bright vision for the future. She says, “Just today someone asked me, ‘Are you still with Share & Care?’ I said, ‘That’s my child, 34 years old. Does not matter how old the child gets; it is always going to be my child.'”

Recently, Share & Care hosted its 34th Annual Gala and Fundraiser to honor its beneficiaries and raise funds for its five life-changing Signature Programs. More information about the event, as well as program impact information and financial details, are available in our 2016 Annual Report.

To all who supported this year’s Gala, to our partner NGOs, to our staff and to the volunteers who’ve invested millions of hours over the past 34 years to help further our cause—thank you. Together, we have made a difference.