NonProfit PRO Features Nirmal Village Program

The Nirmal Village Program was designed to improve hygiene awareness and sanitation practices in rural India. (The word “nirmal” means “clean” or “pure.”) More than 600 million people in India live without access to an indoor toilet or proper sanitation, and over 80% of those people live in remote villages. This leads to the spread of diseases and other health problems, plus critical safety issues for women. To help tackle these issues, we build toilets and provide sanitation-related educational seminars to people in carefully selected villages.

The mailer (pictured below) described in Pamela’s article used concise bullet points to inform recipients about this crisis; it also provided information both about how our Nirmal Village program is helping and how individuals can contribute to our projects. Our call to action? An appeal to donate $130, which covers the cost of building a toilet and implementing a sanitation education program for one family.

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In her article, Pamela writes:

It was a clear, compelling offer (reduce disease and improve women’s safety) at an affordable price point ($130) … The copy was minimal, the story was easily understood, and the focus was on the beneficiaries, not the organization.

The mailer was successful, and brought in enough funding to build hundreds of new toilets in remote villages in India. We’re incredibly grateful to our donors for their support, and to Pamela for shining a light on our organization and this important program.

Interested in Helping?

Visit our Nirmal Village Program page to learn more or click here to donate today.