Let’s Impact 150,000 Lives

Dear Patrons,

Over 100,000 individuals — men, women, and children — have received vital aid through your generosity thus far in 2022! Just imagine: By the end of this year, Share and Care will have distributed more than $80 million of aid in our 40 year history through your invaluable contributions! This momentous milestone deserves a heartfelt celebration, and we look forward to commemorating our 40 years of achievements together with YOU, our patrons, in 2023.

We are ensuring that every dollar we distribute in 2022 reaches one more family. As Covid relief has given way to a renewed focus on our core projects, our work is more urgently needed than ever. The cost of living has dramatically increased, driving more families below the poverty line. Since the pandemic, our impact has been felt across 15 states of India, and with your support, we can continue to penetrate India’s most rural areas. This year, your Foundation has been hard at work addressing this fast-changing environment through our core pillars of support: Women Empowerment, Healthcare to Unreached, Educate to Success, Educate to Graduate, and Village Upliftment.

With all of these accomplishments, one might assume that our combined journey of sharing and caring has reached its pinnacle. However, with the waves of calls for action still knocking at our door, we must endeavor together with compassion. YOUR hand and heart are crucial for us to fulfill this aim.

Our target is to impact 150,000 lives in 2022. Please give generously so together we can reach our goal. As we approach this season of thanks, we are grateful for the Caring community that we Share — an ever-growing network of more than 12,000 donors and volunteers across generations — that is mindful of others.

Help us reach our goal of empowering the lives of 150,000 beneficiaries in need!

Each gift is greatly appreciated — see how yours can help!
$1301 at-risk child under age 13 with a secondary education (Educate 2 Success)
$200200 girls with hemoglobin checks, medications, and supplements to prevent and treat anemia
(Healthcare 2 Unreached)
$3601 woman with livelihood training and equipment, plus gender equality and self-defense education
(Women Empowerment)
$5005 marginalized female students with safe lodging, education, and training for personal growth
(Educate 2 Success / Women Empowerment)
$1,0001 bright, low-income student with a college scholarship (Educate 2 Graduate)
$2,500100 women by providing HPV vaccinations that prevent oral and cervical cancers
(Healthcare 2 Unreached)
$5,0001 village and up to 5,000 individual villagers.
(Village Upliftment)


With gratitude and best wishes for the holiday season, Your Share & Care Foundation Family