Kerala Flood Leaves More Than 60,000 Families in Need of Food, Shelter, and Medical Care

Kerala, India

Share & Care responds with $10,000 in immediate relief, with a long-term goal of $100,000 toward rebuilding lives

Over the last few days, torrential rainfall has caused catastrophic floods in the India state of Kerala. Hundreds of lives have been lost and thousands have been left homeless, including more than 60,000 families evacuated to safer areas, where resources are scarce. Getting help to stranded survivors is near impossible due to the loss of vital roads and communication systems.

Thousands of acres of farmland and cash crops are completely flooded and domestic livestock have been swept away. The death toll rises daily and is expected to reach more than 400.

The state has suffered a loss of Rs. 19,512 crore due (close to $3 billion USD) to the deluge, according to Chief Minister Pinarayi Vijayan. As the authorities and the media have yet to reach remote areas to assess the full extent of the disaster, it is feared the damage may be for more extensive than currently estimated. The affected population has very little access to food and clean drinking water, and stagnant water could become breeding grounds for diseases such as cholera and malaria.

The Share & Care Foundation has approved an immediate release of $10,000 to local, reputable NGOs currently providing relief work in the affected areas. These funds will be used to provide basic survival kits containing food rations and basic medical aid as needed. We believe this funding will sustain at least 500 to 600 families immediately until the larger funds from the India government and private sector start to flow in. We ask other concerned organizations involved in the Kerala Flood Relief effort to join hands with us so the relief work can be further enhanced.

Based on over 30 years of disaster response experience, Share & Care has undertaken an immediate and long-term response program to reach out to the affected communities. Our disaster response team has invaluable experience working in partnership with local communities.

Our Goal

Immediate Relief: $10,000

  • Provisions, food rations, and basic shelter to homeless families.

Medium- to Long-Term Relief: $100,000

  • Fall 2018: Construction of temporary shelters for families. The shelters are constructed from galvanized iron sheets and wood frames to provide protection from the elements and some security.
  • Restoration: Efforts to provide support for 400 to 500 families, including loss of livelihood, schools, and primary healthcare centers.
  • Under consideration: Provisions of potable water and sanitation.

Your support and generous contribution will make a huge difference in the lives of the people affected by this tragedy. Please make your check out to “Share & Care Foundation” and mark it for “Disaster Fund” and send to 676 Winters Avenue, Paramus, NJ 07652, or click below.


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