It Takes a Village: Creating a Happier World, One Community at a Time

At Share & Care we are committed to creating a happier world in which people have the resources and opportunities they need to survive and thrive. To accomplish this, we work with a holistic approach and partner with NGOs that focus on grassroots solutions.

What is a “grassroots” organization?

Grassroots organizations work with a bottom-up approach, engaging people on a local level in order to ultimately effect change on a national (or international) level.

For example, gender inequality is an immensely complex issue that’s deeply rooted in traditions and institutions. Combating it requires collective efforts within every level of society. Through our Women Empowerment Signature Program, we’ve teamed up with multiple NGOs that are helping rural women overcome barriers to equality within their own societies and cultures. Some of these organizations utilize self-help groups and peer mentoring to educate communities about gender issues, while others focus on livelihood or personal finance training.

While the approaches may vary between villages, the goal is to employ locally tailored solutions that create ripples of change throughout larger regions.

What is a “holistic” approach?

Working with a holistic approach means to take all aspects of an issue — i.e., emotional, economic, societal, and environmental factors — into account. In short, it means to look at the big picture.

Through our Educate 2 Success Signature Program, we work holistically to provide at-risk students with the tools and support they need to flourish. For instance, E2S beneficiaries receive much more than school supplies and classes. They also receive personal counseling, nutritious food, weekend confidence-building workshops, and peer activities.

While it is important for these children to do well in school, we know that guidance and support are the real keys to unlocking their full potential.

When considering how to help any marginalized person or group of people, we aim to truly empower — to guide them toward self-sufficiency so that they may continue helping themselves and, eventually, uplift others around them.

How you can help:

Our holistic, grassroots approach has provided thousands of individuals in rural India with education, gender equality, livelihood opportunities, lifesaving healthcare, and much more.

To contribute to our mission to create a happier world — one person at a time — please use the link below to make a donation today.