How One Family Honored and Realized Their Parent’s Dream

The Share and Care Foundation illustrates with humility an inspiring project, funded by Kumar Javeri and his philanthropic family, honoring their parent’s memory by creating a fountain of learning for all ages. Share and Care’s Donor Advisory (DA) Program helped realize their parent’s dream in the culmination of a “Temple of Education” in Gadh village, Gujarat.

While you may have a number of to-do tasks on your list for Father’s Day, there is one task that would make your day and your life even more meaningful. Join Share and Care Foundation TODAY in its effort to provide long-term sustainable initiatives that helped you through all the stages of your life, right from the time you are born.

The time is now to create a legacy in honor of your father who sacrificed most of his life to give you an education, confidence, and values. You may sponsor a school, a class, studies, health care, or a small endowment with Donor Advised (DA) Funds that allow you to take an immediate tax deduction for your contributions, then channel the money to charities of your choosing within a reasonable period.

Among many, Share and Care has helped build Cancer Hospital in Surat, Dental and Engineering College in Dahod, and Vimala Vidyalay from Kindergarten to Post Graduate Studies in Gadh, Banaskantha. We are proud of many such daughters and sons who envisioned a legacy in the name of their Father, Mother, or Parents, dedicating several small and large institutions serving the communities. Such institutions will be there forever, inspiring others and profoundly building the character of communities.

Donor Advised Funding Climbs in 2013

as reported by the Philanthropic Association of USA

From their findings:

Gifts of assets other than cash, stocks, and bonds—things like restricted stock and privately held securities—accounted for more than 17% of contributions last year, up from about 11% in 2012.

Roughly $4 of every $10 of grant money was awarded last year as an unrestricted gift, about the same as in 2012. The report, which called such donations “where needed most grants,” says charities especially welcome them “as they provide the freedom to apply funds in line with the most mission-critical priorities.”

The report found donors spreading their gifts among an increasing number of charities, from about 77,100 organizations in 2012 to nearly 87,500 the following year.

Education institutions received the biggest share of grants—34% of all the money awarded in 2013.

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You may GIVE a MONTHLY DONATION as a tribute to your Father, and become a guardian of HOPE.


Share and Care Foundation relies exclusively on voluntary donations from donors like you.
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You may endeavor to give every brilliant but needy child the best start in life.

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