Tejal Builds a Thriving Business Alongside Other Female Artisans

Tejal is a determined woman living in the Kada Village in Gujarat. She graduated from college with many ambitions, but marriage and children prevented her from finding full-time employment. The pandemic only exacerbated these hardships. The Khakhra Training Program, supported by Share & Care and Gramshree Trust,  was truly transformative for her, allowing her to become an expert in the art of khakhra making. Tejal learned to cook all different types of khakhra, and following Indian tradition, she offered them to neighbors and extended family.

Word quickly spread about Tejal’s delicious khakhras, and she began earning Rs. 5,500 by working only three hours a day. Her entrepreneurship was paying off, and she began visiting the training center to take on other trained women to become part of her team. Together, they have built a thriving business. Tejal’s confidence, diligence, and passion have not only grown her income substantially, but she has also become an inspiration to the other homemakers in her community, showing them that they too can learn a new skill and become self-reliant. Tejal’s next goal is to begin producing khakhras on a large scale, boosting her village’s economy and empowering women.

To grow her business, Tejal Rawal employed other women from the Khakhra Training Program.