Farukh Unlocks the Power of Compassion and Collaboration

Farukh Menon is a Lokmitra, or “friend of the people,” serving with the Environmental Sanitation Institute (ESI), supported by Share & Care, in the village of Chadotar in Gujarat. As a Lokmitra, Farukh strives to sow the seeds of connection, cooperation, and compassion to uplift his village. Here are just a few of the ways he has brought community members together:

  • When a young woman’s husband passed away unexpectedly, she fell into a deep depression. Farukh began visiting her daily, offering a listening ear, and he encouraged other villagers to visit her regularly as well. After some time getting to know her, Farukh worked with her to organize a sari library in her home, helping her find a renewed sense of purpose and giving her a reason to reintegrate with her community.
  • Farukh is dedicated to providing the children of Chadotar with a role model and helping them experience new opportunities. He planned an outing for them to visit the Gandhi Ashram, where they learned about peace and non-violence. For many of the children, this was the first time they had ever left their village, and this experience will help them be more courageous, confident, and open-minded when facing new challenges.
  • When a boy’s mother was injured, she could no longer work to afford his school books. When Farukh heard about this, he collaborated with villagers to open a new library where students could collectively read, study, and learn together. The boy now had access to the necessary books, and studying alongside other students helped him focus and become more successful in his schoolwork. He is currently continuing to excel in school, and he is working to support his mother as well.

Compassionate action is the catalyst that paves a path for a better future.

Farukh Menon and other members of the Chadotar community set up a sari library in a young widow’s home to help her find new purpose and connections.