Our focus on education, including our Signature E2G and E2S programs, is geared toward empowering women, children and teachers through basic education, vocational training and other skill-building programs. We have provided funds to build schools, libraries, training centers, nursing schools, mobile education resources, and hostels. We are especially proud of our efforts toward reducing child labor for more than 1,200 children in the slums of Bhavnagar.

Program Description Beneficiaries Location
India Sponsorship Committee Education for slum children 1,400 children Pune, Maharashtra
Koshish-Milap Education for slum children 70 children Vadodara, Gujarat
Science on Wheels 72 remote village schools get hands-on experience with science subjects 10,000 children Palanpur, Gujarat
Veerayatan Education-integrated quality program (10 yrs.) 8,500 children Bhuj, Kutchh
LIFE Education and healthcare 40,000 children Locations throughout Gujarat