Current Programs

Our Disaster Relief efforts are based on case-by-case needs, but include community centers, reconstruction and rehabilitation efforts post-natural disasters. In past 30+ years—from the Bhopal Gas leak to the Indian Ocean earthquake and tsunami to Hurricane Katrina—we have assisted more than 5 million victims with over $7 million in cash and kind funding. Note: If you don’t see any programs listed here, that’s good news!

NEPAL EARTHQUAKE RELIEF AND REHAB FUND April 28, 2015—The death toll crosses 5,000 and the suffering of the survivors keep rising every day from the 7.9 magnitude earthquake that hit Nepal after 80 years.
KASHMIR DISASTER RESPONSE September 18, 2014—Share and Care Foundation steps up support for those affected by record monsoon rains across northern India.
UTTARAKHAND FLOOD DISASTER PROGRESS REPORT February 2014—We present to you the fourth progress report (October-December 2013) from People’s Science Institute, a partner NGO in India through whom we are funding the Uttarakhand Disaster Relief.
UTTARAKHAND CRY FOR HELP July 2013—More Help Is Needed As The Share and Care Foundation Disburses $20,000 In Immediate Relief; Earmarks $100,000 For Long-Term Rehabilitation Planning