Current Programs

We support Youth Development with projects like Educate 2 Success ā€“ E2S to support children in school, Educate 2 Graduate ā€“ E2G to support children in college education, Youth Wellness Camp, and Milk Powder Project to improve their health and nutrition, and various vocational training projects to support youth to stand on their own feet.

Program Description Beneficiaries Location
Shaishav Child-rights training resource center (10 yrs.) 40,000 children Bhavnagar, Gujarat
Swanirvar Quality education program (10 yrs.) 4,700 children Kolkata-W. Bengal
Sister Nivedita Trust School on Wheels (18 yrs.) 50,000 children Rajkot, Gujarat
Gyan Shala Quality education (6 yrs.) 2,000 children Amdavad, Gujarat
Various Ten institutions Students Sponsorship Program 700 students per year -