Signature Programs

Our objective is to provide basic comprehensive healthcare, with an emphasis on illness prevention, creating awareness about basic hygiene, rehabilitation and treatment. Specifically, we look at infant mortality, immunization, and literacy rates, the availability of healthcare centers and antenatal care for pregnant women, and other socio-economic conditions.

Success Story

On the surface, the popular tourist destination of Rajasthan is filled with temples, palaces, and artwork. But, situated about 80 kilometers from Jodhpur, lies Kerla, a village of sand, where healthcare facilities are almost non-existent. Many communities have only mud and straw huts, no electricity, no water, no roads, no means of transportation, and no medical facilities. For most, walking is the only means of transportation with only a lucky few having access to a camel cart. The infant mortality rate is more than 80 per 1,000 births; and the immunization rate for children under 5 years old is less than 50%.

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Impact of Our Investment

  • Funded $14,000 for a preventive healthcare and vaccination project for children, including laboratory tests, nurse salary, transportation fuel, etc.
  • Set up a dedicated area for the program in the local hospital and staffed with a full time nurse.
  • Vaccinated 584 children (1 month to 12 years old) in 14 camps.
  • Provided antenatal care to 206 pregnant women.
  • Funded $25,000 for a multipurpose Medical Mobile Van, to provide essential healthcare to villagers with no access to medical facilities.

The Numbers

  • We plan on replicating the program in other parts of India, all donations will go toward current and future Healthcare 2 Unreached – H2U programs.


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Young disabled child.