Creating Opportunities for Deserving Women and Children of Rural India

Our founding members have a strong, emotional motivation to support the improvement of rural India. We know first-hand that closing the gap between the affluent and the marginalized poor in India is a huge challenge. By initiating interconnected programs such as education, basic healthcare and women empowerment, we can create long-term impact and sustainable change. Looking back on the last 32 years of commitment, we see our journey as very exciting and rewarding. We have truly made a difference!

Current Programs

The Share and Care Foundation® is busy working on several programs at any one time. Most are based on one-time funding for emerging issues or urgent crises and can take up to several years to complete. Click here to view our current youth development, basic healthcare, women empowerment, and disaster relief programs.

Signature Programs

Our Signature programs have ongoing importance to us as they've helped so many in the past, and can be successfully replicated in other parts of India or the world. Signature programs can and do have an impact, one we hope will flourish and grow as long as there are people in need.

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Educate 2 Graduate – E2G

College education to brilliant but economically challenged students. More.

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Educate 2 Success – E2S

High school education to brilliant but economically challenged students. More.

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WE: Inspiring Change – Empower Women

Provide space to those experiencing violence, discrimination, injustice, and consequent emotional, mental distress so they can heal and take control of their lives. More.

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Healthcare 2 Unreached – H2U

Basic healthcare in rural India. More.

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Sanitation & Hygiene

We build indoor toilets and provide education on sanitation & hygiene practices. More.