The Share and Care Foundation®, born 1982 in New Jersey, is the brainchild of a small group of Indian-Americans. Share and Care began with a very simple idea: Convert what is considered "waste" in the Western world into much needed help in the East.

The idea became a reality when good quality used clothes and equipment—considered obsolete in the West but a huge leap forward in remote areas of the East—were soon being included in shipments. These supplies dramatically improved the quality of care in charitable hospitals.

From its infancy, we realized the benefits of volunteerism. Share and Care volunteers see ourselves as catalysts, promoting low-cost, high-return programs at the grass-roots level, which have grown exponentially in last several years.

Share and Care has been successful and instrumental in rebuilding lives in the rural communities of India where the government or the big nonprofits had little success. Our collaborative attitude and deep understanding of the rural issues helped overcome many challenges.

Our success can be attributed to millions of volunteer hours, passionate donors and the singular vision of Share and Care to improve the standard of living in rural India.

It all began

Share and Care volunteers sent 2,000 lbs. of donated used clothing to India; first fundraising program raised $15,000.

The Bhopal Disaster

The gas leak in Bhopal occurs in the fall. Relief efforts are extraordinary--including Share and Care's first comprehensive crisis response.

Used Medical Equipment Initiative

Share and Care helps bring this lifesaving action to several Indian villages.

"Sponsor a Student"

Share and Care makes mass appeal to patrons in an early initiative to provide educational opportunities to India's disadvantaged youth.

Gujarat Province drought

The province experiences a significant drought, Share and Care is there with supplies.

Rural villages adoptions

Share and Care adopts four rural villages and integrates support in health, education and welfare for these remote sites.

Sewa Rural Training Center

Established under the Share and Care auspices.

Jhagadia healthcare learning center

The learning center provides a student new resource for acquiring basic knowledge about effective patient care.

U.S. Scholarships
Maharastra Foundation

Share and Care establishes partnership with the Maharastra Foundation.

Anjali Hospital

Share and Care builds its first 30-bed hospital in Ranasan.

English-language program

Share and Care supports an English-language learning program for new U.S. immigrants from India.

"Experiment in Self-Help"

Share and Care establishes "experiment in self-help" in West Bengal.

Dharamshila Cancer Foundation

Share and Care facilitates the Dharamshila Cancer Foundation's installation of a new cancer treatment unit in New Delhi.

Maharastra Earthquake

Measuring 6.4, the Latur earthquake was the largest to be felt in India since its independence. Share and Care volunteers provide immediate relief with distribution of food and medicine.

"School on Wheels"

Share and Care establishes the traveling "School on Wheels," and donates it to the Sister Nivedita School in Rajkot.

Narayan Seea Sanstha

Share and Care provides medical ambulance to Rajasthan organization.

Scholarship Program milestone

Share and Care's India scholarship program gets its first medical student.

Hemodialysis machines

Share and Care sends 106 kidney hemodialysis machines to India.

Kutch cyclone

A Western India cyclone touches down for the second time in just two years, with resulting 25-foot tidal waves for the town of Kutch. Share and Care quickly responds with blankets, food and clothing.

Lucent Technologies Foundation awards $500,000 corporate grant

The Alcatel-Lucent Foundation (formerly Lucent Technologies Foundation) provides grant for far-reach youth development projects.

Agilent Technologies Foundation awards $63,000 grant

Grant to institute Mother and Child Care Centre project at the Dr. M.L. Dhawale Memorial Trust in Delhi.

Gujarat Earthquake

Share and Care, acting on behalf of concerned donors, sends over $5,000,000 to the survivors of a 7.9 earthquake that hit Gujarat on January 26.

Yale University/Share and Care Internship Program

An internship program is established at Yale University for students to volunteer their services to Share and Care's non-governmental organization affiliates in India.

Cardiac care unit grant

A $239,000 grant is provided to build a fully equipped cardiac care unit in Cambay, Gujarat.

Indian Tsunami

Share and Care contributes toward shelter, sustenance, and restoring livelihoods and hope, to 3,000,000 in Southern India and Sri Lanka.

Hurricane Katrina

Share and Care provides U.S. humanitarian donations following this disaster that inspired remarkable support among supporters.

Women's Empowerment and Youth Development programs

Share and Care focuses on long-term change for the future of women and youth in India, and defines banner initiatives going forward.

Share and Care 25th Anniversary

Celebration reinforces Share and Care's commitment to the support and education of women and children in India, and as keys to improving the future of the country.

Share and Care 30th Anniversary
Share and Care Launches New Web Presence
Share and Care Launches New Signature Program: Inspiring Change-Women Empowerment (WE)

Kashmir Valley Disaster

Share and Care Foundation steps up support for those affected by record monsoon rains across northern India.