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Signature Programs

Goal: To make college education a reality for thousands of underprivileged, yet brilliant, young scholars pursuing professional careers by providing interest-free loans, setting them and their families on the path to a secure future free from the binds of poverty.

» The Challenge:

Thousands of students in India pass 12th grade every year but are unable to afford the costs of college tuition.

For many students, the yearly expense to attend college is greater than their entire family’s yearly income.

At the same time, education is the key to breaking the cycle of poverty these students are trapped in. Enabling these gifted students to pursue higher education will allow them to get better jobs and make a higher salary, and in turn, contribute more to their community.

» Our Program:

“Educate 2 Graduate” (E2G) is a SCF Signature Program designed to provide students in India with access to higher education.

Each student selected for the program is provided with a loan-scholarship of about $1,000 per year to cover the bulk of their tuition fees, school materials, and boarding expenses for the duration of the 4 years it takes to complete their professional degrees. After their graduation, the students are on the path to reputable careers at prestigious corporations, thus breaking the cycle of poverty in a single generation.

Support a student today, and break the cycle of poverty once and for all.

After a reasonable interval between obtaining their professional degrees and securing a job, students start paying back the amount loaned to them in easy installments. These funds are then utilized to support more students.

» The Process:

Share & Care partners employ several processes that ensure the smooth functioning of E2G.

A system has been developed to identify and select high achievers from disadvantaged backgrounds. For this purpose, about 1,000 students are selected and screened each year, based on the following approach:

  1. The primary criteria for the program is academic excellence. Thus, we focus only on students who have achieved over 70% marks in 12th grade with science subjects, and who have been able to secure college admission for a science track on their own. We want to give a higher preference to female students, even though currently, due to various reasons, the percentage of female students is only 33%. Our goal is to make this at least 50% and we are striving to move in that direction.
  2. A social worker screens the family of a student through home visits to determine the family’s income and socioeconomic status. Our volunteers also assess the cognitive ability, demeanor, and temperament of the student to ensure that the student can meet the intellectual demands of the science curriculum at a college level. We also obtain family consent that they will not interfere with a student’s education for social, economic, or family reasons. Thus, the final selection of students is done on merit, financial need, and other necessary factors that ensure a student’s capacity to complete a professional degree.
  3. During their college studies, residential and teaching volunteer staff members are required to submit quantitative and qualitative assessments for the selected students every six months on various aspects of academic performance, social behavior, and psychological health. These evaluations are conducted as per set standards. Because of these efforts, it is estimated that about 75% of the students obtain between 60% and 90% marks during their college studies, and the degrees obtained are in the fields of various branches of engineering, information technology, pharmacy, medicine, etc.
  4. Mentors are provided to guide the students and keep them motivated. Also, periodic individual and group meetings are held with the students to further encourage them and provide them with a sense of community.
  5. E2G is run with efficiency, professionalism, and accountability. Share & Care board members visit scholars once a year, observe activities, and help identify ways to improve education and care. Our expenditures are closely monitored, and nearly 92% of the annual operating budget is used for programmatic expenses: tuition fees, educational materials, lodging, and boarding.

Support a student today, and break the cycle of poverty once and for all.

» The Impact:

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There are thousands of students in India waiting for their chance for higher education. Stand up for their right to education today.

What Sets E2G Apart?
  • Many organizations support primary education, but rarely focus on professional degree programs for economically disadvantaged students.
  • Once a scholar enters the program, he/she is supported both financially and emotionally throughout their studies through supervision and mentoring. Career assistance is provided to the scholars by preparing them for job interviews and professional development.
  • During their college years, volunteer staff provide regular assessments on the scholars’ academic performance, social behavior, and psychological health. Because of this monitoring and follow-up, 75% of the E2G scholars obtain 60% to 90% on their degree cumulative exams.
  • E2G has unlimited potential for growth, as the loan-scholarship model is designed to constantly add more scholars to our roster.
  • 85% of E2G graduates have already secured a job, internship, or admission to higher studies.

Your investment in education has unlimited returns. Lift a student, her family, and her entire community out of poverty today.

» A Letter from a Scholar

I am Anak Patadiya. I completed my primary and secondary education at Jawahar Navodaya Vidhyalaya (JNV) Bhavnagar. I completed my B.E. (Mechanical Engineering) at the Government Engineering College, Bharuch.

Before I talk about my success, I want to tell something about me and my family background.

I belong to a poor family where nobody went to school. I was the first person in my family to go to school and become successful at studies. My father died when I was in second standard. At that time, I didn't know about my future as my whole family was working at the farm. I was the only one at home and going to school. In fifth class, I passed my JNV entrance exam with top position in my taluka and second position in the whole district. Then I joined JNV School to complete my primary and secondary education.

When I completed my 12th grade in Science and got admission to the Government Engineering College, Bharuch, due to my family background, I feared how I would pay my college fees. Then I read a press note about Share and Care Foundation (SCF) scholarship. I applied for the scholarship and I got it, and I was able to complete my degree. I thank all who directly or indirectly supported me during my education. Now, I have joined Reliance Petrochemical Industry, Jamnagar, and I want to make my future in this type of MNC.

I want to share my personal concern that there are thousands of students who want to pursue studies but, due to their family backgrounds, cannot do so and achieve success in life. So, your Foundation is very ideal in making someone’s future bright. My thanks to all and I support this kind of Foundation like yours that directly or indirectly supports the students who belong to poor families. I want to join this type of Foundation and share my knowledge with all students. I myself also want to help other students in whatever way I can.

Thank you,

Anak Patadiya

There are thousands of students still waiting for their chance to attend college. Help them today.

» How You Can Make a Difference

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Support a Scholar Today

    • The student receives a loan to help fund their college degree
    • The graduate earns a well-paying job
    • The professional pays back the loan
    • The entire family breaks free from the cycle of poverty
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