Non-Cash Resources


  • Share and Care Foundation® procures and distributes the non-cash resources to schools, orphanages, hospitals and such charitable organizations for the betterment of women and children in India.
  • Build Share and Care brand and expertise in “In-Kind” material and its distribution network

Share and Care will receive and distribute the items specified in the Indo-U.S. Bilateral Agreement and approved by the Government of India for the benefit of poor people. The items collected and shipped are mainly for education, healthcare and vocational training.


  • Powdered milk, nutritional food and food supplements
  • School kits, Hygiene kits,
  • Life saving Medicines, Multi Vitamins,
  • Hospital equipment and supplies, hospital vans and mobile clinics
  • Clothing and blankets
  • Computers and tools for education

Who are the beneficiaries?

They are charitable, not-for-profit, organizations registered under Indo–U.S. Bilateral Agreement.

SCF requirements from the beneficiary:

  • Handle and pay for any cost in India pertaining to the shipment once it reaches India
  • Comply with all applicable local laws, rules and regulations.
  • Share and Care requires reports of ultimate beneficiaries, utilization of material, impact they have created and other pertinent data, photos, news releases, real success stories for our monitoring this program and usefulness of it.

Medical Equipment/Supplies


  • Share and Care wants to obtain excess inventory of usable medical equipment, supplies that are critically needed in hospitals in Rural India.
  • Share and Care wants to increase healthcare awareness
  • Utilize the expertise of Share and Care brand in “Medical Equipment, Supplies” and its distribution network for the benefit of rural masses
  • Participates in healthcare threat prevention Global programs such as Malaria.


Healthcare in rural India is underdeveloped and neglected area the scope is vast and Share and Care believes that our effort can yield big benefit to the local communities with relatively small investment. This program is carried out under the Indo-U.S. Bilateral Agreement.

Items needed include basic hospital/healthcare furniture and fixtures, operating room equipment and supplies, orthopedic supplies, ENT related items, educational material, first aid supplies etc. Share and Care will actively procure and place sophisticated items such as dialysis units, ICU monitors, defibrillators, ultra sound machines, CT scan, etc., upon the need of local hospitals. The detailed list will evolve and be modified as needs are identified. All these items must be used by charitable hospitals for the benefit of local population.

Share and Care needs skilled volunteers to carry out this program in the following areas:

  • Coordinating equipment procuring, Working with donors (Hospital, corporations, and individuals), Resource development
  • To ensure that the items are in working conditions, to ensure that the items do not have any hazardous fluids, substance and or material
  • To ensure that the items can be donated legally and have a clear title with the donor,
  • Packing, domestic and overseas shipping, working with freight forwarder Valuation, Documentation, communication
  • Preparing required brochures, literature, and marketing material
  • Under taking necessary research

How it works:

  1. Once the resource is located, it goes through the scrutiny as laid out in “Medical Equipment Scrutiny Form
  2. If it is on the approved list, they are accepted otherwise physicians/hospitals in India are contacted to ascertain the utility and need.
  3. After having done due diligence of the equipment, approved broker is contacted and details pertaining to packing, containerizing, and overseas shipping is planned
  4. Thank you letters to the donors
  5. The documents are prepared and emailed to organizations in India for their approval
  6. The recipient NGO will receive shipment and distribute to the approved charitable end users in India.
  7. SCF Obtains the following reports from the organizations:
    • Receipt (within one month)           
    • Distribution List (within 4 months)          
    • The Use Report (within 6 months)
    • The publicity, photographs, news clips and related stories

For more information, please contact: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Man receiving clothing donation.