•  Saturday, July 17
  •  8:00 PM Eastern (U.S.)
  •  Virtual Premier Show

Join us in honoring 39 years of sharing and caring — while helping people during this critical time of need.

We’re hosting an exclusive virtual premier show on July 17 to raise funds and awareness to fight the humanitarian crisis in India caused by the recent surge of COVID-19 cases. Our Pandemic Relief & Recovery Fundraiser will feature entertainment by Parthiv Gohil and many other top performers, including soulful Gujarati songs and music set against the great white Rann of Kutchh. (See show details below.)


Attend the Virtual Event With a Donation – Those who donate $200 or more to any Share & Care projects will receive access to this special virtual show. Simply mention “fundraiser” in the donation’s comment section to gain exclusive access; invitation link and code will be distributed after July 2


Have you already donated $200 or more to Share & Care projects since January 1, 2021? Please send us your name and email address so that we can provide your access link!

Become a Sponsor – Various levels of sponsorship are available (for example, see our “Save a Village'' program below). Sponsor benefits may include acknowledgement during the event, recognition by one of the performing artists, and more! See our Sponsorship Form for more details. Please note: The deadline to sponsor this event is Thursday, July 1.


We’ve undertaken a one million dollar relief package to combat this disaster, and your support is crucial to our mission. Our pandemic relief package is immediately providing:

  • Vaccination assistance for half a million+ people
  • 12,000+ health kits for families and health centers
  • Food assistance for 30,000+ struggling families

We are grateful for the outpouring of support we’ve received from the Share & Care community, and we encourage you to join in giving if you are able. Every dollar makes a difference, and your gift will save a life.

Save a Village – If you wish to make a large-scale impact, we invite you to sponsor this event through our “Save a Village” option. With one $5,000 gift, you can empower an entire village by providing vaccination assistance, healthcare resources, and food for struggling families. Your gift will not only equip villages with critical supplies needed now to combat COVID-19, but it will also offer educational and livelihood resources for sustainable, long-term empowerment. 


How do I get an access code to the event?
Attendance to this premier event is open to supporters who donate $200 or more. We will reach out to eligible donors by by July 15 with a single-use access code and link, which will grant exclusive access to the July 17 event.

How do I watch the event?
On the day of the event, click the link from your email and enter your unique access code. You will be brought to a page that will allow you to view the video stream.

Can I share my access code?
Members of the same household, on the same wi-fi network, may use the same code on multiple devices. However, if you share your access code with those outside of your household and they join before you do, you may not be able to watch the event.

If I have multiple codes, can I share them?
Yes! However, keep in mind the "one wi-fi network per access code" rule. Please remember to reserve one code for yourself and your own household — then, you may distribute additional codes to friends and family in other households or on other wi-fi networks.

What if my computer crashes? Or I have to leave for a few minutes? Can I get back in?
Yes. As long as you are on the same wi-fi network, you would be able to re-use your access code.

What device(s) can I use to watch the event?
You can view the event through any web browser on your desktop, laptop, tablet, or mobile device. For the best experience, we recommend having a strong internet connection and using the Google Chrome browser.


Soulful Gujarati songs set against the great white Rann, the villages of Bhuj, the bustling tent city and the harsh brown desert. You have to hear it, experience it. It brings alive the spirit of Gujarat. Come, witness this awe-inspiring event with a lineup of top performers at mesmerizing locations, with lively performances and celebrity cameos. See below for a list of those scheduled to appear:

  • Aalap Desai,
  • Bhoomi Trivedi,
  • Chirag Vohra,
  • Geeta Rabari,
  • Hanif Aslam,
  • Ishani Dave,
  • Jahnvi Shrimakar,
  • Jignesh Barot,
  • Kala Varso musicians,
  • Manasi Parekh Gohil,
  • Nandy Sisters,
  • Osman Mir,
  • Parthiv Gohhil,
  • Pratik Gandhi,
  • Sanjay Goradia,
  • and the Siddi group


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