Uttarakhand Flood Disaster Progress Report

Thank you to all the donors who supported the Uttarakhand Disaster Relief efforts.

We present to you the fourth progress report (October-December 2013) from People’s Science Institute, a partner NGO in India through whom we are funding the Uttarakhand Disaster Relief.

2013 Uttarakhand Floods Disaster Response Programme

Fourth Progress Report (October-December 2013)

During the review period (October-December 2013) People’s Science Institute (PSI) and its partners focussed most of their attention on the construction of temporary shelters. In addition to 59 shelters completed up to September 30, 105 new shelters were built during this period. On the request of a group of civil society representatives in Bageshwar district, 8 rooms for two schools were constructed at Kuwari, a very remote village in the Pindar valley. After construction of 15 shelters in Munsyari block of Pithoragarh district we received a confirmation for 25 more shelters that had been verified earlier in the same region.

Thus till December-end 164 shelters were built while the construction of 42 shelters was in process. We plan to complete the second phase by the end of January 2014. The delays are mainly due to the decision to build toilets along with the shelters, design improvements, the remote locations of some of the villages, damaged roads and administrative hindrances. We feel gratified, however, that along with our partners we have been able to reach deserving people in some of the remotest villages.

With the completion of Phase II nearing, the focus is now shifting to Phase III, i.e., to livelihoods rehabilitation. Livelihoods rehabilitation and development pose the biggest disaster response challenge especially in the case of families whose basic livelihood assets have been destroyed or who have lost earning male members in the disaster.

The selection of 17 villages in two clusters (Madhyamaheshwar Ganga valley in Rudraprayag district and Talla Danpur in Bageshwar district) for Phase III has been completed so far. We will work in these villages with funds coming primarily from the Star TV campaign.

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