Uttarakhand Cry for Help

More help is needed as the Share and Care Foundation disburses $20,000 in immediate relief; earmarks $100,000 for long-term rehabilitation planning

Update 2/7/14: Read and/or print the fourth progress report on the Uttarakhand Disaster Relief efforts, from NGO partner People's Science Institute.

PARAMUS, NJ—July 2013—On June 17, 2013, one of the worst natural disasters hit the north India Himalyan state of Uttarakhand as torrential rains resulted in flooding and landslides.

Over 250,000 people have been reported displaced, including 65,000 children. The death toll has already crossed the 1,500 mark, with over 3,000 still missing. Survivors have lost their valuables, food, clothes, and in several cases, even their homes. In all, 1,100 roads and 94 bridges have been destroyed, which are significantly hindering relief efforts.

The drama enacted in real life was a mosaic consisting of unattended dead bodies, people looking for help with fear and hope, tales of survivors and heroism demonstrated by brave military and support personnel. Rescuers battle difficult terrain, damaged roads, bridges, and unfriendly weather. Thanks to their actions, we have thousands of survivors in safe locations.

The Share and Care Foundation has disbursed $20,000 for immediate relief through two local, credible non-governmental organizations. Share and Care also plans to earmark $100,000 for long-term rehabilitation planning. We are providing relief by sending food, medication, blankets, utensils, and other needs to Uttarakhand. Rehabilitation in this region is challenging and time-consuming do to the mountainous terrain and extent of destruction. While the government and relief agencies are doing their best, it will require a huge amount of long-term support and resources to help the affected communities rebuild their lives, an equally difficult challenge of rebuilding.

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