A Letter From Our Gala Committee

A Letter From Our Gala Committee

Dear Patrons, Supporters, and Friends:

On the evening of December 10, 2016, Share & Care Foundation will be hosting its 34th Annual Gala to honor our beneficiaries. The title of this year’s event is “I AM EMPOWERED...”

Share & Care is known for creating programs that transform the lives of marginalized members of society. This mission is embedded in our daily actions, not only as an organization but also as individuals, and these programs demonstrate our belief that progress and compassion go hand in hand.

Over the past 34 years, our life-changing initiatives have earned a variety of prestigious accolades, but what really differentiates Share & Care from other nonprofits is the deserving, dignified feeling we provide to our beneficiaries. We often say that “money can help, but Share & Care heals”—and this has been proven time and again through our commitment to uplifting women and children, who represent the pillars of a strong society but are often the most vulnerable within it.

On behalf of 150 million malnourished, impoverished, and uneducated children, we are inviting you to join our mission by contributing to one of our five signature programs or by participating in our 34th Annual Gala as a sponsor, advertiser, or guest. (Please visit Gala 2016 for detailed information about our programs and this event.)

Educate 2 Success, our college education signature programEducate 2 Graduate, our secondary education signature programWomen Empowerment, our women empowerment signature programHealthcare 2 Unreached, our healthcare signature programNirmal Village, our sanitation and hygiene signature program

The millions of children we seek to help are unable to afford education or even basic nutritious meals, and even a modest donation can make a difference. For example, an annual contribution of $150 will provide a child with a quality education—and the life-saving opportunity to develop real-world skills and vocational training needed to provide for their family. You can have a significant, permanent impact. You can EMPOWER.

Our contributors have helped us educate thousands of students, empower hundreds of women, and provide medical care to dozens of villages in rural India. Each day, we feel fortunate to hear stories of achievement and transformation from our beneficiaries across the globe, and we’re profoundly thankful for those who have supported us throughout our journey.

At this time, we respectfully ask you to make a contribution to the Share & Care Foundation, with the assurance that your generosity will help us continue to deliver the compassionate care and opportunities of livelihood for which Share & Care has become known.

We also hope you will continue lending your support by participating in our 34th Annual Gala, and join us for an empowering evening of Sur Sargam on December 10, 2016.

With sincere appreciation,

Share & Care Foundation Gala Committee

Questions? Please contact Tejal Parekh at (201) 262-7599 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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