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E2G Success Story: Shruti Dilipbhai Chandibhamar

A Real Life Story

Educate 2 Graduate Loan Scholarship Program
In Partnership with Sister Nivedita Foundation, Rajkot

“I am heartily thankful to Share & Care Foundation for timely financial support towards my studies, which really helped me develop my career in Financial Management and become a Professional Financial Analyst at a reputed company in Ahmedabad [Gujarat].”

Shruti Dilipbhai Chandibhamar, E2G beneficiary and M.B.A. holder

Gujarat, IndiaThese are words of gratitude expressed by Shruti Dilipbhai Chandibhamar, a beneficiary student, who has completed her M.B.A. with the help of an interest-free loan scholarship through the Educate 2 Graduate program from Share & Care Foundation.

During Shruti’s early education, her family life was nearly ideal. Shruti was born and brought up in Thangadh, a small village in the Surendranagar District of Gujarat, where she completed her studies up to the higher secondary level. Her family consisted of her mother, brother, and bhabhi. When she was just 10 months old, she lost her father to cancer, but Shruti credits her mother for never having to feel like she was lacking the love of a second parent.

The majority of her schooling was through government schools, and Shruti says they never faced any financial troubles during this time. Once she completed her higher education in Commerce, she decided to get her B.B.A. and move to the nearby city of Rajkot. This was the first time Shruti realized how hard it is to get an education without the finances to support it. She was dependent financially on relatives living in Rajkot, but she also knew how hard it was for them to care for themselves financially, especially in an urban area.

And though Shruti credits her relatives for making her B.B.A. possible, and was deeply grateful  — “beyond my expectations,” — she wanted ultimately “to be independent and self reliant to accomplish this dream.”

Initially, when the reality of her decision set in, Shruti wasn’t sure her choice was possible, yet she remained resolute to finance her M.B.A. herself.

After applying to several management colleges in Ahemedabad, she received a call from L.J. Institute of Management College. They were calling to arrange payment of her admission fees. Great news, but Shruti didn’t know where the fees would be coming from. It was then that one of her relatives told her about the Educate 2 Graduate loan-scholarship program, through the Sister Nivedita Foundation in Rajkot.

A loan-scholarship was the perfect answer for Shruti. She would be able to take the opportunity to get her education, become self-reliant, and show her courage. She applied at the foundation and soon heard she’d be interviewed, along with her family, to complete the process. “I got wings to fly in this infinite sky of my career.” In her final year, she earned marks of 75% in her studies.

"National education is, first and foremost, an education in national idealism. We must remember, however, that the aim of education is emancipation of sympathy and intellect. Knowledge is the goal and trained faculty is the aim."

“The aim of education is to produce a good human being, good citizen, good art appreciator, and original thinker.”

—Sister Nivedita

Today, Shruti works as a Financial Analyst at SNL Financial in Ahmedabad, with a salary of 2.25 lacs per [~$3,506.01 as of 5/12/17] annum.

Shruti highly recommends the E2G program for anyone who wishes to create their own path in life.



Bhabhi: In a traditional joint North Indian family, an elder brother's wife is called Bhabhi by his younger brothers. The wife of the eldest brother is traditionally considered to have higher authority over the matters of the house, and is given the charge of running household affairs. [Source]

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